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Mosques Expansion

  • Am Erlanger Weg 2 91052 Erlangen Germany
  • 272 Donors
€185,200.00 Raised

Dear respected brother and sisters in Islam,

Thanks to Allah - the most merciful -  and your generous donations on the one hand and the tremendous efforts of our volunteers on the other hand our community was able to complete the extension of our mosque including the female prayer rooms just ahead of Ramadan. 


With great pleasure we've been registering increasing mosque attendance which necessitates adapting the activities and events to the higher number of attendants. In order to meet the long term needs in activities for the visitors within our premises the mosque board has decided to build another storey to the existing new building with a total space of 120m2. After receiving an estimation from experts, we aim as a first step at collecting €250,00 to be able to start the project. We hope that you will support our community as before and all of us contribute a greater or lesser amount to the extension. May Allah accept all our good deeds.