Marriage Contracts

All marriage contracts concluded by the Islamic Community of Erlangen are documented by a Muslim expert who checks the contract for accuracy and documents the conditions agreed between the spouses in a separate contract with a designated lawyer.

1- Copy of the ID of the future spouses

2- the names of the witnesses and the submission of personal proof of identity at the time of the conclusion of the contract

3- Determination of the dowry and the later dowry in addition to all other conditions agreed by the spouses

4- Payment of 268 Euros.

The fees for the marriage contract include the fees of the lawyer and the expert appraiser (168 Euros), the fees of the imam (50 Euros) and the administration fees of the association (50 Euros).

A printed copy of the marriage contract is kept in the Islamic Community of Erlangen, a copy is kept at the Islamic Family Center in Weiden and an electronic copy is kept on a specially protected server in Karlsruhe. All documents are subject to strict data protection guidelines.

No, the documentation of the marriage in front of the Islamic Family Center is intended to ensure that the contract is concluded in an Islamic manner while safeguarding the rights of the spouses in the event of disagreements, but it is not registered with a registry office and therefore it is not possible to take advantage of certain rights such as tax reduction or spouse reunification. If one of the spouses is outside Germany, married couples must therefore register their marriage separately in the town hall.

Persons involved are requested to collect all necessary information and to assist in arbitration. If the dispute is not resolved with the consent of all parties, the case will be referred to the local court, the two spouses will be judicially separated and the rights set out in the marriage contract will be transferred to the beneficiaries by law.

Please transfer the 268 euro to the following account:
Name: Islamisches Familienzentrum
IBAN: DE31 7539 0000 0000 4700 31

Purpose of transfer: EHE( Datum der geplanten Eheschließung)

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