Welcome to the islamic community of erlangen


Our vision:

  • Muslims integrate into society and contribute to the greater good of people and the society.
  • The community guarantees social services for Muslims and non-Muslims in various areas of life.
  • Muslim children are brought up according to Islamic teachings and have success in both professional and private life.
  • The German language unites Muslims in German-speaking countries.


Appointment with the Imam

If you need religious advice, Sheikh Mahmoud is at your service.


The Islamic Community Erlangen e.V. in collaboration with the Islamic Family Center e.V. issue a document that is certified by an expert in Islamic studies and a notary.

Membership ID

Performing prayers in the IGE Mosque is only permitted with a membership card number.

Youth Club

On Saturdays Sheikh Mahmoud and trained tutors offer groups for children and young people aged 7 to 18 years.

Our Programs

Weekly calendar

Weekly calendar

Prayer Times


26 Rabī ath-Thānī 1443

Zuhr Iqamah


3 Hours 7 Minutes
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr05:55 06:10
Zuhr12:10 12:30
Asr14:04 14:15
Maghrib16:25 16:35
Isha17:45 19:00

Friday prayer

First prayer: 12:30pm (preaching in arabic)

Second prayer: 1:30pm (peaching in german)

Donation Campains

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Library Project

Am Erlanger Weg 2 91052 Erlangen Germany

The current library of the association contains more than 350 Arabic books in all important areas of Islamic studies as well as other literature. The aim is to expand the library in order to contribute to the promotion of reading culture and to improve knowledge of the revelatory sciences and general education. To achieve this goal, the association's board of directors decided to expand and update the library to keep up with the interests and needs of the Muslims in the city.

€ 2,000 Required amount
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