Our vision:

  • Muslims integrate into society and contribute to the greater good of people and the society.
  • The community guarantees social services for Muslims and non-Muslims in various areas of life.
  • Muslim children are brought up according to Islamic teachings and have success in both professional and private life.
  • The German language unites Muslims in German-speaking countries.

Our goals:

  • Providing the means that Muslims need to perform the ritual prayers
  • Strengthening the partnership with other Islamic associations and institutions in Germany
  • Providing a suitable environment for educating children on Islamic values ​​and principles and strengthening their relationship with revelation through religious and Arabic lessons, and organizing competitions that foster children’s competitive spirit and determination
  • Organization of meetings and opportunities for dialogue with other cultural associations in the city in order to exchange knowledge and experience and to build trust between all parties
  • Providing educational opportunities and conducting activities that meet the needs and interests of Muslims in the city
  • Strengthening intra-Muslim ties by organizing social and entertainment events
  • Promotion of the connection between Muslims and representatives of the city of Erlangen in order to achieve the best possible integration of Muslim citizens into German society

جميع الحقوق محفوظة للجمعية الإسلامية بمدينة إرلانجن 2021